Feasibility study shows

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Paramaribo August 20, 2015


Water trading as a market is a concept that is not now being researched. In 2006, the first study to identify bulk water export as a potential source for sustainable development in Suriname was conducted by the Foundation Sustainable Development Netherlands Suriname (d’ONS). The initial findings were deemed positive.


In the meanwhile, also the Suriname Government, in its search for new sources of income, has identified the export of bulk fresh water as a potential new market to boost its economy sustainably.


An economic feasibility study, carried out in 2015, shows that there is a viable business model for continuous, low cost delivery of fresh water to the Caribbean. The feasibility study focused on:

– The infrastructure of water collection
– Purification
– Means of transportation
– An analysis to determine the viability of selling water to proposed markets.


Please find enclosed a summary of these findings in the report: Suriname. World Water Warehouse.