The potential of water export is increasingly embraced by Surinamese Government

Paramaribo August 1, 2016


The potential of a an export market for fresh water gets more and more acclaim from the Surinamese Government. In various publications, water is called as export market in which should be invested.


At his inaugural address of his second term as Head of State, President Desiré Delano Bouterse said “it is about time that we do something with the trillions liters of water reserves, both for our own use and to be exported to the world at large.” Then, in his annual speech on 30 September 2015 he claimed that “the areas of mining, energy and water are key for the Government.” And he continued “with our focus to increasing the earning capacity of our economy and with the needs for creation of employment we will, in cooperation with entrepreneurs, encourage the export of water”.


On July 28, 2016 De Ware Tijd (a Suriname newspaper) published an interview with the leader of the National Democratic Party, Andre Misiekaba. In the interview Misiekaba says that “Suriname in the medium and long term, should increase production, but also needs to investment in the tourism sector to finally lift this sector”. In addition, the coalition leader calls for [the] “manufacturing and exporting of bulk water, as well as the continuation of the cocoa and coconut projects that has already been prepared.”


Original sources
Read the President’s inaugural address, August 12, 2015:  (page 3)


Read President of Suriname’s State of the Union, September 30 2015 (only in Dutch):  (page 29-30)


Read the original aricle on Andre Misiekaba in De Ware Tijd, July 28 2016 (only in Dutch): Surinaamse economie krimpt met 4 procent –