Company Profile
Amazone Resources

Amazone Resources is a Surinamese-Dutch company.

The company is engaged in:

  • the exploration, exploitation, processing, processing, transport and export of fresh water available in Suriname;       
  • conducting or coordinating all activities related to the exploration, exploitation, processing and treatment of fresh water, including the construction and realization of necessary infrastructure;       
  • executing anything that in the broadest sense involves the foregoing or may be useful to that.


Contributing to fresh water
allocation in the world

Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas where water is scarce and 500 million people are approaching this situation rapidly. Another 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world’s population, face water shortages, where economic growth is hampered because of a lack of fresh water.

Even though only 1 percent of all existing water is drinkable, actually there is enough for everyone on the planet. The problem we face is distribution. Getting the available water from places of abundance to areas of deprivation. This is what Amazone Resources will set out to achieve.

Why this project is so vital?

Amazone Resources has developed a sustainable and efficient way to transport large quantities of fresh water around the globe. By using replenishable water sources and transportation methods with a low CO2 footprint, we can provide the world with fresh water without hurting our planet.

Our business model will benefit the source nations through royalty payments, direct investments in social and economic development and in contributions to environmental projects. We will do this in close cooperation with Conservation International and other environmental agencies. Client nations will benefit from obtaining a reliable, cost-effective, high quality supply of fresh water. It will reduce their requirement for more expensive and polluting desalination plants and greatly improve the standard of living in these areas. Also, there will be enough water to support increased agricultural development, reducing the costs associated with importing food and enabling the possibility of exports in the future.


Amazone Resources is located in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. This smallest country in South America is the greenest country on earth. It is part of both the Guiana Shield and the Amazonian, making it a natural water factory. The abundance of water coming from the Guiana Shield is so vast that it produces 10 percent of all fresh water in rivers on our planet. This source is sustainable and is replenished by the typical rains in the tropical rainforest.

From Suriname, Amazone Resources can transport fresh water to any location in the world, using innovative, highly efficient and green technology. Our first pilot transports shall take place in the Caribbean region in 2016. The quantities of fresh water in Suriname’s rivers are large enough to reduce water shortages in all countries in the region. At the same time these transports will not have any significant impact on the ecosystems in Suriname.


Fresh water is essential to sustain life. The World Health Organization estimates that without water to drink, one needs 20 liters of water daily for personal hygiene purposes and around the house. With a rapidly growing population, the effects of global warming and an ever-increasing usage of water per capita, natural water sources are under intense pressure and will become distressed unless we implement change now. If the water supply continues to deteriorate in certain parts of the world, the local effects on health, housing and political stability can be disastrous.


Transporting water is not a luxury, it is fast becoming a necessity. There are alternatives to fossil fuels such as oil but there are no substitutes for water – no water, no life.