Suriname expert, Dr. Ferrier, sees

potential in waterexport

Paramaribo July 15, 2016


In Suriname‚Äôs Parbode Magazine of July 2016 Dr. Deryck Ferrier speaks on the urgent reforms that Suriname’s economy needs. In an extensive interview he elaborates on the sectors that need urgent investments such as the alumina industry, power generation in Kabalebo, the potential of silicum production and about water.


The current General Director of the Centre for Economic and Social Scientific Research (named CESWO) in Suriname was already involved in water research in the Surinamese rivers since the seventies. In addition, he has a library with water studies from across the globe. About the export opportunities of water to the region, says Dr. Ferrier: “If you look at water than you can see that in the Caribbean a water problem occurs as a result of population growth. Barbados, Saint Vincent and Antigua for example, have silted resources. Suriname has the potential to supply these islands with bulk water.”


And that’s exactly the market in which Amazon Resources wants to operate. The feasibility study has found that the business case is real. Currently, we are working to adapt the technique to the unique circumstances of the Atlantic Ocean, so we can start planning a test shipment by the end of 2016.


Read the entire interview with Dr. Ferrier (in Dutch) in Parbode (July 2016). Volume 11, no. 123 (page 14-20)