We are all about fresh water

Did you know fewer than 10 countries have access to 60 percent of the worldʼs freshwater supply? Recent statistics suggest that 1.8 billion people still lack access to a regular, clean supply of water, while our use of it has quadrupled globally since 1940.


Obviously we require fresh water to sustain life, it is a fundamental physical requirement but it is equally vital for food production. 70 percent of the worldʼs water resource is currently required for food production alone, yet water is also essential for industry. Every product on the planet has been produced by using water at some stage of the process.


At Amazone Resources, we are staying ahead of the curve and aim to provide water wherever it is required, in a sustainable, ecologically sound way. M³ FRESH WATER PER YEAR

This volume of fresh water flows into the ocean every year from Suriname rivers. This is 4,800 m3 of fresh water per second, which flows into the ocean where it is silted up. The Suriname water ranks among the cleanest and purest in the world.  Sharing Suriname’s abundance of water will alleviate some serious global problems and contribute to the well being of millions of people around the world.


Amazone Resources is working to proof its concept and start distributing water to Caribbean islands and organizations who require clean, affordable water. Our goal is to alleviate water scarcity around the world and provide a pure source of natural water to wherever it is needed, delivering it with minimal environmental and ecological impact.