Curacao and Amazone Resources

agree to start discussions on long-term

partnership for waterdeliveries

Representatives from CINEX Ramon Koffijberg, Raymond Jamanka and Franklin Suares and from Amazone Resources Gerrit van Buuren and Jean-Pierre Schouwenaars

During discussions on the availability of fresh water on the island of Curacao, Cuaracao Investment and Promotion Agency (CINEX) and Amazone Resources (AR) agreed to start working on the delivery of fresh water to Curacao and the creation of a logistic hub from which Amazone Resources can supply other islands in the region.

The intentions of both parties are layed down in a Letter of Intent which was signed by Mr R. Koffijberg representing CINEX and Mr van Buuren and Mr Schouwenaars representing AR on 12 May 2017. Based on this LOI both parties will exchange information and combinedly work towards a formal partnership. The aim is to start transporting water from 2019 onwards.